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New Media Plates and Modules

The modern home is now more than a mere home. It doubles up occasionally
as a cinema, concert hall, meeting venue and computer room etc. and CLICK® New MediaTM wiring accessories are perfect. Each of these functions brings with it its own unique requirements in terms of the provision of necessary services such as telephone or satellite sockets etc.

Even in recent memory designers and builders did not think beyond providing
a perfunctory level of electrical switches, sockets and pendant light fittings
in a new home.

Nowadays, as well as providing an ever increasing number of these items,
provision must be made for the myriad different electrical and electronic
products which proliferate our homes.

Traditionally, products such as telephone and TV coaxial sockets etc. have
all been supplied built into a standard size wall plate. The environment in
today’s office and home however requires a number of services to be
provided to a specific work station or convenient access point. The
most flexible and efficient means of doing this is the use of modules
on a multiple aperture plate. The NEW MEDIA range illustrated in
the catalogue encompasses a wide range of media and power
modules, providing the designer and installer a host of solutions
for all manner of media cabling problems.